Beasts are Changelings who were forced into an animalistic role in Faerie through one way or another. Whether it was through being hunted, kept in a kennel, or forced to dive for pearls until their lungs collapsed into gills, Beasts are humans who adapted an animal role to survive.

Three areas in Arcadia suited to making Beasts: -The Chasms Under The World -The Screaming Jungle -The Stockyards

Seeming Blessing: 8 Again rule on Animal Ken rolls, free specialty in Animal Ken for the animal they most closely represent, can spend Glamour to add to Presence or Composure rolls. Each point spent is one die added.
Seeming Curse: -4 Dice untrained penalty for Mental skills; no 10-reroll on Intelligence dice pools.

Clear animal features, but not connected with specific creatures
Kith associated with laboring animals, such as bulls and horses. Can be associated with centaurs and satyrs. Normally manifests in long ears, hooves, horns, tusks, broad shoulders, and large hands; can be handsome (stud horse, sacred buffalo) and have scars from where harnesses and whips tore into their skin.
Sample weaknesses: Can’t eat meat, repulsed by wedding vows, must do favors for those who ask for help by name, repulsed by corpse of an animal like their mien, suffer from spurs, cannot resist sexual advances made by a white-haired person
Blessing: Stoic Forbearance Spend one point of Glamour to add two to Stamina dice pools for rest of the scene
Kith associated with predatory animals, such as wolves, crocodiles, snakes, etc. Also associated with the idea of a regal predator; such as a male lion, those of which rarely hunt, but still embody a hunter. Physical features normally involve ears, teeth, eyes, patches of fur (on shoulders, forearms or shins), long nails, antlers, and other deadly features.
Sample weaknesses: Repelled by roosters, can’t cross running water at night, hurt by wolfsbane, can’t harm dogs, must eat raw meat, paralyzed if a ribbon is tied around the neck
Blessing: Tooth and Claw You inflict lethal damage instead of bashing damage when unarmed
Kith associated with creatures known for the chase, such as rabbits, cheetahs, unicorns, and jackalopes. They are normally identified by their slim builds and long feet or hooves, and more mystical ones (kirin or unicorn) may have red or white hair, jewels, or a small horn nub on their forehead.
Sample weaknesses: Can’t eat meat, repulsed by spitting over the left shoulder, must rhyme words, cannot kiss a pretty girl or boy, must pick up anything they see that’s gold, cannot put bare feet on the earth
Blessing: Runs Like The Wind Adds two points to Speed
Kith associated with vermin and other reclusive creatures at the bottom of the food chain. They’re lean and small, and can be mammalian, reptilian, or even insect-like; cockroaches, rats, and lizards all fit the Skitterskulk kith. An interesting character would be a frog prince, or a great warrior turned into a mouse or worm as a lesson in humility.
Sample weaknesses: Aversion to bright light, can’t eat liver, can’t refuse offered alcohol, shed skin on full moon, aversion to human saliva, can only wear clothes they made
Blessing: Impossible Counterpoise Because of sense of timing and reaction, you triple your Defense when dodging
Kith associated with agile climbers. The range can vary between raccoons, squirrels, and geckos, to bighorn sheep and monkeys. They are normally lean and wiry, and have very strong and long hands and feet. They also have amazing balance, and can have tails that aid them in it.
Sample weaknesses: Cannot turn down a bet, repulsed by serpents, bane of curdled milk, cannot hurt anyone that is adorned with clay, cannot carry an axe, cannot hurt a priest
Blessing: Gifted Climber +3 dice pool to climbing rolls, and can attempt to climb even wet glass
Kith associated with marine or amphibious animals. They are often highly sensitive to overfishing and pollution in their area, and can have trouble walking on land, some even having crippled legs until they get in the water. They are normally built aqua-dynamically, but can be bulky depending on the animal. Webbed hands and feet are normal, and features vary from unusual teeth, tropical colorations, and even poisonous spikes. Examples are mermaids, selkies, kelpies, as well as sharks, frogs, otters, and narwhals.
Sample weaknesses: Cannot cross a line of black sand, cannot be on dry land at noon, repulsed by cat blood, must obey a person when they have a piece of their personal clothing, weakness to burning driftwood, cannot drink cow milk
Blessing: Natural Swimmer Can hold their breath underwater for 30 minutes, as if with a Stamina of seven. Can swim at full Speed.
Kith associated with venomous creatures, such as spiders, snakes, scorpions, and platypi. They tend to have bright coloration and fingers ending in stingers. They were normally created as assassins, pest control, or simply affected by their bitter Keeper until they became poisonous themselves.
Sample weaknesses: Repelled by garlic, cannot resist crushed basil, cannot enter a home through the front door, eats small insects, scared by bats, cannot fall asleep in a lover’s bed
Blessing: Poisonous Bite Can spend a point of Glamour to roll a normal brawling attack once per scene; attack causes no damage but delivers a poison equal to character’s Wyrd. Victim cannot roll Stamina + Resolve against it.
Kith associated to aerial creatures. They are obviously notable for their wings, normally vestigial, although some have wings connected to their forearms. Other physical features include feathers for hair, small dark eyes, skin patterned like their animal, and in the case of insects, antennae. They are normally changed by spells or experiments, suited for use as servants in a cloud castle, kept for hunting, or kept in gilded birdcages for looks.
Sample Weaknesses: Scared to be bound, cannot cross lines of salt, cannot wear wool, cannot call a friend by their name, repelled by bronze, must wake up at sunrise
Blessing: Gift Of The Sky Can spend a point of Glamour to glide in the air for a minute/per Wyrd point at their normal speed, but can only rise with the help of updrafts. They only take one point of bashing damage per 15 yards fallen, and only take lethal damage from falls over 150 yards.
Kith associated with


Darklings: They understand. They know that only half the world is asleep when it’s dark.
Elementals: We hear the world’s heartbeat and smell it’s blood. They hear the world breathe. We’d be damned alike if we weren’t so damned different.
Fairest: Got a lot of vigor for something that doesn’t look or smell like a real flesh-and-blood animal.
Ogres: You want to gobble me up? I’m not your meat, big fella.
Wizened: Crafty little creatures. And usually on the other side of the walls from us.
Vampires: Fangs. I know fangs.
Werewolves: No, they’re not kindred spirits. Difference between us and then is we got our souls back.
Mortals: No, my place is a pigsty. Let’s go to yours. So. What was your name again?


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