Milk cartons. Walmart posterboards. Flyers on lightpoles; alerts running at the bottom of the news screen.

You’ve seen them on all of these things. You know; the missing children.

A lost child is one of the saddest things, people say.

We believe that the saddest thing is a child noone realizes is lost.

Welcome to the world of Changelings, of people who were kidnapped, wandered, or tricked away into the terrifying world of Arcadia. From ages eight to fourty-eight, they’re stolen away by the True Fae- creatures so much more alien and dangerous than the snippy Tinkerbell or annoying Navi of your childhood. They’ve been kept as slaves, as prey, as trophies or experiments. Years pass by in weeks; an eternity can turn out to have only been hours.

And after the escape back into the mortal world- a journey that tears not only at your body, but your mind itself- it’s as if you escaped into an entirely new world. You have no family anymore, nor friends. Suddenly, you see creatures all around you: people with green skin and teeth of wood; tall ogres with rock for skin; petite girls with clockwork for muscles.. Even Halloween haunts like Werewolves and Vampires run rampant in their own hush-hush societies. The scariest part about all of it is not what they are:

It’s how many of them there are.

Welcome to the World of Darkness.

It’s time to open your eyes to the night.